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Jade is a gemstone of unique symbolic energy and one surrounded by myths and legends. It has been known to Man for many thousands of years and has been long regarded by Chinese people as having beneficial health properties as well as being the luckiest of all semi-precious stones. As early as 3000 BC jade was known in China as 'yu', the 'Royal Gem'. Throughout the long history of the art and culture of the mighty Chinese empire, jade has carried a very special significance, comparable to that of gold and diamonds in the West.

Jade is, strictly speaking, a generic term for two different gems, nephrite and jadeite. Jadeite is the rarer of the two forms and is therefore regarded as more precious. Happy Dragon Arts products are produced from the higher quality jadeite. The six main colours of Jade are green, lavender, pink / red, black, white and yellow.

Ancient people thought that wearing jade would increase body strength, add longevity, impart calming properties and bring good luck to the wearer. Jade is widely known as a symbol of love and virtue.

Look around our website and enjoy for yourself the symbolic energy and beauty of this wonderful gemstone.



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